Wanting to grow? Take a look at some of these steps you can take as you continue to walk with Jesus. As you take these steps, you will meet new people, have fun and grow! 

Baptism - This is an outward expression to an inward experience. It is a public statement of faith that shows your commitment to Jesus Christ and your desire to live for God in all areas of your life.

Lifegroups - These  are a way for us to connect, encourage, love and serve one another. We have a variety of lifegroups available that cover differenct topics such as worship, prayer, bible content and so much more! In addition to this, we have a variety of lifegroups geared towards families, young adults, couples, men and women.

Serving - Here at ALWC we believe in helping people find and follow Jesus. We believe serving is one of the many ways we can grow, have fun, and point people to Jesus!
Weekend Services - We aren't meant to be alone! Attending a weekend service along with other people helps us to grow and learn. Invite a friend to join you, and have fun!