Families are the heartbeat of the church and, because we know that, we try our best to connect our families through Life Groups happening during the year.  We have also offered and will continue to offer courses on parenting, family health, finances and marriage.  These Life Groups and courses help to build a foundation that will not be shaken.  

Here at ALWC, we value the family unit. We are so excited to see God moving through our families in the local community. We strive to create and facilitate a family environment at our church. We truly believe in the next generation. We want to believe in God's view of our children and the impact that they will have on our world.

We do our best to change the stereotypical understanding of what family ministry is. Traditionally, churches forget about the parents in family ministries. We as a church put the highest emphasis on parents. We want to help you better understand God's view of families/parenting, so that you can teach and raise your children effectively. We want to partner with you in what you are already doing and help in any way we can. We also strive to teach your children more about who God is, and the plans He has set out for them. If you have any questions or if you just need to talk, contact Pastor Bruce at 780-849-0299

Our goal is for children and youth to know, love and serve the Lord Jesus Christ